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Machinery related to Surimi (Fish Paste) Products


Alaska Pollack caught in the northern sea has been the main species for the material fish of the frozen Surimi, however the other species as Threadfin Bream (ITOYORI), Southern Blue Whiting (MINAMI TARA), Blue Hake (HOKI) have been used for the Surimi production lately.
In recent years, the scrambling for the fish has been started and continued due to the worldwide popularity of the seafood.
Accordingly, the frozen Surimi for the seafood production has been lacking under the circumstances of the worldwide consumption growth.
Frozen Surimi is now eagerly aspired to be produced in the world, not only the limited species of fish but also the limited area.

Heaped Threadfin Bream (ITOYORI)
at the fishing port in India
Unloaded fishes at the fishing port in Malaysia

Various fish caught in the maritime near Japan

Yanagiya can design the various Surimi production plant according to the various fish species, the various production volume and so on. We hope the surimi production using the various fish will start worldwide in near future.

Little Lizardfish

White Croaker

Little Jack Mackere



Harlequin Sandsmelt