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Machinery related to Soybean Products


Excellnet performance with various heating patterns
Original soymilk that extends innumerably on condition such as "kind of bean", "amount of adding water" and "heating method".
Each user has each favor and idea of how to heat the soymilk such as "quick boil up to 85, slow heat from 85, keep 95".
This equipment boils the soybean as the user wants by inputting the wished heating condition (numerical value) on the touch panel screen beforehand.
Moreover, the heating pattern can be easily reproduced once it is set because the different heating pattern in each product can register.
  • By the volume of adding water measurement system, the delicate soymilk density can be adjusted.
    Because an accurate volume of water can be supplied while measuring by using the digital flow meter, the delicate soymilk density can be adjusted. (The expected Brix is also displayed.)
    Because the digital flow meter always measures even if flowing quantity changes, the volume of adding water doesn't change. (The volume of adding water pattern of each product can be registered.)
  • Operation is monitored on the screen
    The state of the equipment at automatic operating, the temperature of GO (slurry) and the lapsed time can be confirmed at one view with usng the touch panel.
    The numerical value can be easily input on the screen. (The heating curve can be displayed and confirmed on the screen.)
    The data can be took out from the computer, and it is very effective for the quality control.
  • 110 high temperature heating with the batch type open pot
    Soybean is heated by the control of steam adjuster valve installed at the several places in heating piping part. By raising the pressure in the circulation conduit, the highest heating temperature of GO (max 110) is changeable, and the heating over 100 is enable with the batch type open pot.
    The smell of GO heated in the circulation conduit comes off the hole at the upper part of buffer tank, GO returns to the atmospheric pressure in the tank and GO juice collects in the tank.
  • The uniform heating with the circulation heating and the agitated board up & down method
    Uniform heating without irregularity is achieved with the circulation heating method and the agitated board up & down method.
    Move the disc at the point part of the air cylinder which is installed at the upper part of the buffer tank up & down and move GO in the tank. These operations enable uniform heating without irregularity.
  • High effective heating by circulation adjustment heating
    To heat efficiently in the circulation heating, the temperature survey in two points (TS1, TS2) controls the frequency of the pump and changes the amount of the circulation.
  • No antifoaming agent, prevention of boiling over
    The bubble generated while heating is apart and destroyed when it flows and falls along the sidewall of the tank, and at the same time, the nozzle at the upper part of the buffer tank blows water and compressed air into the tank and the bubble is destroyed.
    Because the upper part of the buffer tank is equipped with the level meter as measures for safety,there is no worry that GO boils over from the tank even if the bubble generates in the tank when the level meter is turned ON, the heating operation is stopped temporatily, and restarted whtn it turns OFF. (The pump is always driving in order to even up the temperature of GO).
  • CIP-automatic washing function
    The circulation heating method can be achieved the CIP washing. Because the automatic washing program is equipped, the water flush, washing by hot water, the alkali cleaning and the acid washing, etc. can be done by the automatic operation when inputting the data of the process, he temperature and time, etc.
    The memory function can be wash with various patterns according to the usage.
  • Automatic soybean soaking and washing tank (Option)
    The resin tank soaking device with washing function that the soybean soaking and washing can be done by the pattern operation is prepared.
Capacity (Brix 12) Power Measurement
Using debubbling agent No debubbling (L*W*H mm)
60 kg/hr 54 kg/hr 3.7 kw 3 phase 200 V 1795*995*2250
120 kg/hr 108 kg/hr 5.9 kw 3 phase 200 V 1895*1005*3180
180 kg/hr 162 kg/hr 9.8 kw 3 phase 200 V 2045*1150*3250
300-360 kg/hr 270-324 kg/hr 18.5 kw 3 phase 200 V 2800*1550*3250