Design, development, manufacturing and sales of Food Processing Machine---Yanagiya Machinery Co., Ltd. TABLE-TOP TYPE JOULE HEATING TOFU MAKING MACHINE "mini-J"

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Kinu (Silken) Tofu made from
Cooling soymilk and Nigari (liquid coagulant)
mini-J is the table-top tofu making machine which everyone can make delicious Kinu (Silken) Tofu easily and quickly in the restaurant and/or the inn-shop, etc. It is good for the demonstration sales in the shop and/or supermarket, and Tofu can be made quickly in respond to the order of the customer in the restaurant and/or Izakaya (approx. 6 min./200V specification). Moreover, possible to add the menu of various fresh Tofu if the Tofu may be mixed other stuff such as yam, sesame or powdered green tea, etc.

  • Easy to make!
    Making Tofu with mini-J is very easy. Pouring Nigari (liquid coagulant) into the cooling soymilk, mixing well, and pouring mixed stuff into the settling container. And then, setting the temperature sensor and turning on the switch.
  • Special Tofu with no high skillful technique
    Making Tofu from boiling soymilk is required a skillful technique, but mini-J is not required a high technique but can be coagulated easily with the cooling soymilk. mini-J is active as a skilled workman of special Tofu.
  • For the development of the mixed Tofu and new products
    Various mixed Tofu can be made if yam, powdered green tea and other paste raw materials are mixed with the soymilk. Space-saving mini-J is helpful for the development of new commodities.
  • The doubled production capacity by using the spare container
    Since the coagulation container is detachable, the loss of time decreases and the production capacity doubles if both the container and the spare container (option) are alternately used.
  • The cut Tofu can be easily made
    Using the cutting knife (option) made of stainless steel makes cut Tofu easily.
  • 200V or 100V electric power can be selected
    There are 2 (two) electric power specifications for 200V and 100V.
Machine Type JSE40
Machine Size (W)300~(D)450~(H)305mm
(at opening main cover (H)670mm)
Size in Container (W)195~(D)224~(H)100mm
(Container : 4.0 lit)
Electric Power 1@200V 1@100V
Power Max 6kw Max 1.5kw
Heating Time Approx. 6 min.
Approx. 25min.
Material of Main Body Stainless Steel
Material of Container Polyacetal Resin
Material of Electrode Board Titanium
Control Method Temperature Control
Heating time might be changed depending on soymilk and/or Nigari.