Ball Cutter

All the functions such as fine cutting, kneading, mixing, temperature control, shortening of time and others are gathered together in this globular vessel.
This is an epoch-making device created with multi dimensional ideas.

■ Application
The mixture, cut, knead, the emulsification and compounding of fish paste products, meat processing products, daily goods, the mayonnaise, the fodder and the others paste products.

■ Structure and Characteristic

  • Ball Cutter processes products in its globular vessel. As shown on the picture, a knife is set diagonally and baffle is on the other side.
  • Fully automatic operation with computer. It can be changed to semi-automatic or manual operation.
  • Enclosed operation with the cap of vessel which never opens during the time from the start to finish.
  • It takes only 8-12 minutes to finish.Ball Cutter creates unique taste with its high speed rotation in vacuum and is really a vacuum and high speed cutter for the future.


  • BC1000 - 1,000 litters
  • BC700 - 700 litters
  • BC420 - 420 litters
  • BC360 - 360 litters
  • BCA250 - 250 litters
  • BC150 - 150 litters
  • BC120 - 120 litters
  • BC90 - 90 litters
  • BC5 - 5 litters (for lab use)

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